condoms that make you last longer in bed

Lasting Longer In Bed With The Help Of Condoms

By on October 13, 2017

Sex is one of the most amazing sensations available to humans. However, we men sometimes get so worked up and excited in our own minds that as soon as the pleasure starts, we stop.

Have you been there?

Amazing sex is just about to start and as soon as you get inside your brain does this evil trick and starts preparing your load, then as soon as you try to slow the sex down, think of something un-sexy or stop the pleasure your brain makes it so any movement will make you cum… Within a few seconds, you’ve came and let out a big sigh and know that neither you or your girlfriend is satisfied.

This is hell, especially when it happens every single time.

I’m here to show you a solution that’s helped me and many other men who suffer from P.E (what is P.E), it’s called a…

last longer in bed

Last Longer Condom

These last longer condoms are as safe as a normal condom, however, they have a light amount of desensitizing lube inside the condom which stops you blowing your load and gives you more control.

When I first tried these condoms I assumed it wouldn’t work, I applied it and started the sex, I couldn’t believe it, I got past the first minute and felt fine, I was finally enjoying the sex and how it felt without trying to distract myself.

This in it’s self-made the sex better than you could imagine.

It’s crazy to think that all my sexual issues at that moment could be fix by as simple of a thing as a last long condom, kind of silly, but you got to love the solutions to these first world problems.

If you want to know where I buy last longer condoms in bulk check out the guide I did on cheap condoms.

premature ejaculation

What Happened The Second Time

I was truly amazed, I lasted around 10 minutes of constant sex the first time which is the most I’ve lasted in ages.

So, a week passes and I’m getting ready to try these a second time, I was far less nervous and the pressure I was feeling the first time had gone.

Once I started the sex we really went to town, I’m talking hard and fast, I was so in the moment the time just flew by and before I knew it my partner was having an orgasm through penetration.

Now (not sure while I’m telling you this), my partner can orgasm through penetration, but only when we use sex toys, this was the first time that I made her cum with my penis.

Was it all down to the condoms, no.

The condoms helped me calm down, get outside my head and into what feels good while having intercourse.

It did allow me to have way more control which definitely helped up until she came and at that point, I lost control.

telling my partner

What Did My Partner Think?

The first box I went through she didn’t know, I just mixed them with our other condoms and she didn’t notice anything.

She did notice that allow of a sudden our sessions had gone from 2 minutes (at max) to 10 – 20 minutes and that shocked her, but she wasn’t complaining.

It allowed our sex life to take a different turn and 2 months on we’ve both had so much fun unlocking all the possibilities sex has. Sounds silly, but even in a 7-year relationship, there’s still so much to explore when you gain control of you tool.

My partner now knows I use them, I told her when I order the second pack and she got me to double up on them.


After 2 Months Do I Still Use Them

I really needed them the first month, but now it’s month two I’ve got the confidence to have sex without them and last just as long, if I have a day where I’m really worked up then I’ll pop one on, but usually we don’t use condoms at all and I’m fine.

It seemed that once I got past the 2-minute boundary of sex and started just enjoying it, I lost the premature ejaculation I had.

lasting longer tips

Quick Tips For People Suffering From P.E

A little advice for men who suffer from premature ejaculation

  • Mind over reality

You need to learn that it’s more in your head than in real life.

You need to stop imagining yourself cumming when you think about sexual fantasies and instead imagine them lasting long and focusing on the pleasure and not the end.

  • Cut down on masturbation and porn

Masturbation is fine, but the porn is where the real problem happens, if you watch porn you’ll be overstimulated by sex, some men lose the ability to cum and others cum quicker than ever before, cut your masturbation down a little and stop porn altogether and you’ll notice a big difference in the time you last.

  • Delay Spray

If you and your partner have sex without condoms then you can try delay spray, works the same as the condom, a little more potent and you spray it directly on the penis around 10 minutes before.

Only downside is that it can spread to your partner and desensitize her, what I do is spray it on 10 minutes before and then quickly wash it off before sex.

If you’re worried about that getting in the way then put it on 30 minutes before you’re going to try to have sex and then wash it off 10 minutes before you even start foreplay, know-one will know and it still works perfectly well.

  • Communicate with your partner about it.

It’s hard to tell your partner what’s going on, but if you’re close with them they might be able to help you by trying different positions and motions to help you last longer.

  • Getting The Right Condom

Sometimes males also suffer from lack of erection and this can be caused by condoms as  I explain in this guide.

These tips and tricks and condoms saved me from a life of having P.E and for that, I highly recommend you give them a try. I’ll be keeping the comments open so if you have any questions be sure to use them. I’ll do a review of my favorite last longer condom in the future and I’ll look forward to sharing it with you.