condom stops erection

How To Stop Condoms Killing Your Erection

By on October 16, 2017

Let me paint the picture, you’re just about to have incredible sex, you’ve got a solid erection and foreplay is going amazing, it’s now time to grab the condom and wrap it before you tap it.

You think you’re doing the best thing to stop pregnancies and STD’s, however, your brain has other ideas and your erection gets reduced to half of what it just was.

It’s almost like your mind is playing tricks with you and basically saying if there’s no chance of getting her pregnant, we cannot play ball.

This then creates anxiety and before you know it your erection is completely gone or you’re using all your energy trying to keep yourself from popping out of her, due to your lack of boner.

At this moment you can hardly pause everything to revert back to foreplay and that still would not fix the main issue, that your penis is scared of condoms.

So what shall we do?

Well, I had this happened to me a few times and instead of doing what dumb friends did and tap it without wrapping it, I decided to take a second to learn why it happened and fix it, here’s what works for me:

get bigger condoms

Get Bigger Condoms

If your penis gets strangled by a condom then it’s likely to kill your erection, I’ve found just getting bigger condoms can be a perfect way to stop this.

I also found that if you live in countries with a lower national average penis size the condoms you buy in stores will be smaller, so try buying condoms form a different country with higher averages, that’s if you don’t think your penis can fit a large condom.

If you want to last longer while having a harder erection maybe try this article I did on last longer condoms.

all in your mind

It’s All In Your Head

Oh, brother, it’s true, the first time it happened to me it was the condom, the second time it was all in my head, that’s when the issue got serious, I started having performance anxiety and my penis would be hard throughout all of the foreplay, but the second sex was started my penis would go soft.

Why does this happen?

Your body wants to keep you alive and the second it feels anxious it would rather spend it’s time protecting you and not doing something that would make you vulnerable, I.E sex.

What should you do?

Stop masturbation and porn.

This is usually the cause of this. The second I stopped both I found it easier than ever to have a rock hard erection.

Even if you don’t get all the befits I did, you’ll get horny and this stops your brain thinking about erections, instead makes it work with you to have awesome sex.

If you need help stopping masturbation and porn then check out a movement called nofap, they are massive on Reddit and will help you reset your mind and body and get back to a healthy sex life.

It has worked for thousands of people including myself.

exercising increases libido x drive

You Need To Exercise

More men than ever before have erection dysfunction, people as low as 18 are being diagnosed with it and it’s because of three big factors:

  • Over masturbation
  • Over stimulation through porn
  • Not eating healthy and exercising.

If your exercise is going to the shops or walking to a destination it’s just not enough, I’m not saying you need to become the next Dorian Yates (bodybuilder), but you could start spending 20 minutes, 5 times per week exercising, even if it’s just running, rebounding, swimming, skipping or weight training (here are 6 exercises that boost libido).

This helps improve blood flow (helps give you a stronger, longer lasting erection) and boost testosterone which makes your libido higher.

libido boosting food

Healthy Eating

Another quick way to increase your sex drive and stop condoms from ruining your erections is eating foods that boost testosterone and libido.

I’ve found taking a good multivitamin and fish oil while eating lots of berries, nuts dark chocolate, and healthy food will boost your sex drive and get you being able to have sex daily, not weekly.

This is one of the first places I’d start, just remember you can still have snacks and enjoy your food, just try to balance it like 60% healthy, 40% unhealthy.

Another tip is to stay hydrated, dehydration can cause your libido to drop to the ground.

getting a cock ring

Adult Toys Will Help

If you need instant help and don’t mind wearing a cock ring then this is your best option.

Cock rings will help trap the blood flow inside your penis, this helps you maintain a strong healthy erection, without fear of losing it.

Now, cock rings are amazing, you can even get ones that vibrate and help your partner orgasm during penetration.

The only issue is it’s a little award getting a condom on when you’re having sex on a one night stand, imagine it… You have amazing foreplay, they are into you, you’re just about to have sex and you say “wait one second, just getting my cock ring”.

Now you could apply it with the condom if you’re a stealth ninja, but if it goes wrong she could be a little confused, is that a risk worth taking? You’ll have to answer that for yourself.

So, if you have a long time partner this could be a great temporary fix while getting over the mental part, but if not it may just lead to more anxiety.

If you want to wear one you may wonder if they are safe?

Cock rings are pretty safe, as long as you don’t use them for more than 20 minutes.

Now some can use them longer, but do not ever fall asleep with one on, I’ve known someone who did this and he almost lost his penis (true story).


There’s no quick way to fix this, but the answer isn’t to wear no protection, trust me the moment of please is not worth the days, sometimes weeks of worry.

If you get bigger condoms, cut out masturbation and porn for a few weeks and start cleaning up your diet, that will be all it takes to get yourself back on track, if not better than ever before.