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How To Get Free Condoms

By on October 29, 2017

Condoms aren’t expensive but if you’re young, don’t have much spare cash or just want to try getting hold of some free condoms, I completely understand the want and need for them.

Safe sex is really important and something I always try to encourage, using a condom to help to prevent unwanted pregnancies and nasty STI’s, if you have to spend money it is worth it when it comes to condoms but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them for free.

getting free condoms

  • Your local medical center and clinic usually have condoms for free. Sometimes they will have them just sitting on the side and sometimes you will have to ask a nurse or your doctor for some. It might seem a little embarrassing but if you’re there anyway, you might as well ask, the worst they can say is no. If you are young I also have no doubt they will find some for you as practicing safe sex is always something they will promote.

getting free contraceptives

  • If you’re a woman, planned parenthood often has free condoms, just go in and ask. They want you to be safe and have lots of condoms just sitting around, the very worst is that they say they don’t have any, just be confident.

how to get free condoms

  • If you’re still in school and have a school nurse, ask in there for some free condoms. If you’re too shy to just walk in and ask, go in for a headache or pain of some kind and just casually ask if they have any laying about.

search online

  • Search online for places near you that give out free condoms and head on down there. There are plenty of centers and places that hand them out to people in need, the young and anyone wanting some free condoms. You can’t grab loads but a couple is better than none!

std clinic

  • Hospitals often have dedicated wings to sex, STI’s, contraception and more so it is worth asking there if they have any. These kinds of places aren’t shy about handing them out and will encourage you to do so.

As you can see there are loads of ways you can get hold of some free condoms, you really shouldn’t go without. It may seem a little intimidating at first but it’s worth it in the long wrong if you want to prevent a pregnancy and potentially harmful diseases that are even more costly to get rid of.