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How To Be Better In Bed Using Sex Toys

By on November 18, 2017

Hey, everyone, it’s your boy ‘P’ and today for the first time ever I’m doing something none condom-related, shocking I know.

Today’s article is instead about improving your sexual performance with sex toys and accessories, I’m going to show you some shocking truths about performance enhancers and how you can use this advice to completely change your sex life.

So, where do we begin? Let’s start with the BIG game changer…

vibrating cock ring

Make Her Orgasm With Your Penis Using A Vibrating Cock Ring

I’ve used a vibrating cock ring for the past month and I must say it’s a real game changer.

Not only does it give me a harder, longer lasting erection it makes it far easier for my partner to climax during penetration.

The trick is to get a vibrating cock ring that has a bullet vibrator built in, as that’s the part that will drive your partner crazy.

Tips I Found For Using A Cock Ring
  • Don’t wear for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

To be on the safe side don’t wear your cock ring for longer than 20 minutes and avoid using metal rings, I’ve heard too many horror stories of people getting their junk stuck in them, as it traps all of the blood and cannot be cut by a pair of scissors like a normal ring.

Once you’ve done 20 minutes just take it off for another 20 minutes and let circulation move around your body freely.

  • Let your partner ride you.

It’s far easier for her to control the stimulation of a cock ring while she’s on top of you grinding against your body than it is if you’re on top of her thrusting your self in and out.

  • If the vibration is not for you use a normal cock ring

If you find it hard to maintain a full, hard erection throughout all of the sex session simply adding a cock ring will usually be enough to fix that, it also gives me a better orgasm, especially when I coast and build things up for a little while.

Here are some tips on using a vibrating cock ring:

Stop Premature Ejaculation With Delay Spray

So, you have a hard penis, your next problem is being able to last more than 2 minutes and that’s where delay spray comes in.

Before I tried delay spray I could last a matter of minutes in bed before the pleasure was all over, after I tried it I got past the mental barrier and could then go as long as I wanted.

I talk about it in full detail in this article about delay condoms.

How does it work?

You spray it on your penis around 10 minutes before intercourse, you can then add a little more to your condom when you start having sex it will feel a little less stimulating and allow your mind to relax and think about the task at hand rather than worrying about climaxing in seconds.

  • Delay Condoms

You can also get delay condoms, these are what I used when I first found delay spray and they are a complete game changer for people suffering from P.E.

You just pop them on like a normal condom and they do the rest of the work. Delay spray is a little stronger, but if you don’t use a condom it can rub off on your partner so make sure to be a little careful.

cooling lubrication

Try Out Warming/Cooling Lubrication

At this point, you’re lasting longer with a harder penis, what else is missing?

Some warming/cooling lubrication, when I tried this I was amazed at how nice and tingly it made me feel, my partner, preferred the cooling to the warming, I preferred the warming, but both are really fun and change the way sex feels.

My partner had a much easier time climaxing with this lube and when adding the vibrations from the cock ring, it was safe to say we had an amazing afternoon.

deep throat spray

Get The Best Oral Sex Of Your Life With Deep Throat Spray

Now it’s getting a little more intense, it’s time to grab some deep throat spray, this dampens your partners gag-reflex making deep throat blowjobs much easier.

You just spray it on the back of the throat, wait about 5 minutes and you’ll experience some of the best oral sex of your life. This is a couple MUST HAVE and is truly a recommendation from me.

this magic wand vibrator

Make Orgasms Easy With A Massage Vibrator

At this point it’s a good idea to bring some vibrators into the bedroom, now most men are scared of vibrators before they use one, I was and it wasn’t till I realized how fun vibrators could be and how much better they make sex that I relaxed my views and started allowing them in.

Now, I’m going to save you guys and girls money and time, go straight for a wand vibrator, they cost around 50 bucks and plug into the wall, you will never run out of batteries, they are far longer lasting than other vibrators and you can pick a speed and stick with it.

They are easy to use during sex and can even be used on a man. I usually wouldn’t leave recommendations, but I got this massage vibrator  after recommendation by multiple people and me and my partner have never looked back.

Does it desensitize her?

Momentarily yes, if you use this and then go down on her it won’t feel as good, but if you go down on her and then use it, everyone is a winner.

You see it does desensitize after use, but wait a day and everything will be back to normal again.

Health benefits of vibrators?

It’s true there are loads of health benefits to using vibrators, from rejuvenating the vagina to deeply relaxing the body.

The fact is orgasms are a great way to wind down and feel amazing as explained in this article by netdoctor.

male sex toys

Bring In A Male Sex Toy

If she gets her magic wand you need to get a fleshlight or something of equal value.

Now, at the start you may be saying “I don’t want to f**k a sex toy”, this will change as soon as your partner is kissing you while using one.

It feels like you’re in a threesome and is a complete game changer.

If you’re looking for some male sex toy ideas Vorgasms covered it here with these sex toys for men, they really are game-changing in the bedroom.

 remote control sex toy

The Kinky Should Try Public Play With A Remote Control Love Egg

If you’re a little bit naughtier than most and enjoy being in control of your partners orgasm then you should try a vibrating love egg, these come with a remote control that you can use anytime, you can go outside, use it while you watch TV and even inside the bedroom whilst your partner gives you oral sex.

You just insert the egg and the let that thing vibrate its way to your climax.

butt plugs

If You Dare Try A Butt Plug

I have not made my way to butt play yet, but I’ve heard amazing things about using butt plugs during sex and felt like they should be on this list.

You can even get vibrating butt plugs that can give you access to a prostate orgasm (which I’ve heard are groundbreaking).

Same goes for you girls, butt plugs can make you feel the sensations of double penetration which some women go nuts for.

As I’ve not used one, here’s a video that tells you exactly why people use them:

Choosing The Right Condom

Another way to improve your performance in bed is with a good condom. Now you may not know this, but when it comes to condoms there are loads of different types.

My favorite type being Japanese, they are the thinnest condoms in the world and are made with a certain amount of quality that American condoms just don’t have.

I’ve written something on different types of condoms and the main thing to look for is getting a condom that fits you perfectly (measure yourself) and boasts about itself being super thin and ribbed/dotted.

Do that and you will add a little more pleasure to your sexual sessions for both you and your partner.

are sex toys safe

How To Look After Your Sex Toys

If you get a few of the things mentioned in this article then you need to be sure to look after them and keep your sex toys safe by following a few of these tips:

  • Always wash your toys

Keeping your toys clean is an absolute must, be sure to wash and dry all of your toys after you use them, this stops infection and bad smelling toys.

This is why it’s a great idea to get toys that are waterproof, you can just wash them in the sink with no issue.

  • Get yourself a toy box (With a lock)

Don’t make the same mistake so many others do, be sure to get a toy box with a lock, it stops kids, parents, friends, cleaners, and pets gaining access to your precious toys.

It also keeps all your toys in an easy to access place. This is a complete lifesaver and can stop seriously awkward moments in the future.

  • Use a condom on insertable vibrators

It’s a good idea to use a condom on vibrators, it keeps them clean, stops the risk of bad chemicals that are on the vibrator going inside your partner and is all around better for long time use.

  • Stock up on batteries

The biggest mood killer is running out of batteries just before your partner orgasms, it’s the reason I prefer plug-in vibrators.

Stock up on batteries and make sure you don’t buy toys with impossible to get batteries, so many toys use batteries that you just can’t buy in normal stores and this makes life so much harder.

  • Take out batteries

The biggest sex toy killer is when you leave the batteries in and they leak, this happens and will ruin your toy, so after using take the batteries out.

  • Get yourself a plugin toy

You can see how much easier life is if you get a plugin toy or two, just in case your battery one breaks or runs out, you can just plug in and go for it.

I enjoyed trying something different with this article if you enjoyed it then let me know.