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Different Types Of Condoms You Need To Try

By on October 24, 2017

Hello, everybody, it’s ‘P’ here and today we’re going to look at some of the different types of condoms you can try.

I was amazed when I found out about last longer condoms (as I mentioned in that article) and this find made me look a little deeper into the different types of condoms available.

I decided after a few months of playing around with them to create this and show you what your options are when it comes to condoms.

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Different Types Of Condoms

So let’s kick this off with my favorite…

  • Last Longer Condoms

I always suffered from premature ejaculation, I used to cum after a few minutes of sex if I was lucky.

This got in the way of me truly enjoying sex with my partner and made me feel self-conscious and ask the question “am I satisfying my partner”.

It was a hard time and these condoms with delay spray inside were the game changer I needed, after just a few months of using them I cured the majority of my P.E and could relax and start really enjoying sex.

If you have a problem with lasting long then this is the first place you need to start.

  • Extra Thin Condoms

My second favorite type of condoms are extra thin and SKYN or Beyond Seven Condoms are the best thin condoms you can buy.

You’ll feel the warmth, the movement and the inside of your partner like you would if you weren’t wearing a condom.

I prefer to use these condoms than go in bareback, they allow me to enjoy the sex, finish inside without pulling out and keep my mind clear of worry after.

If you’re a pleasure seeker then SKYN or Beyond Seven Condoms are going to be for you.

  • Ribbed/Dotted Condoms

Ribbed condoms have little bumps, dots, and ridges that help your female partner feel more during penetration.

These aren’t as game-changing as we wish they were, however, I did test some of the highest rated pleasure condoms and my partner did have an easier time reaching climax and did feel more pleasure, she said that dotted is the best.

  • Spermicidal Condoms

If your partner is not on the pill and you don’t want to take any chances getting her pregnant then spermicidal condoms are the way to go.

These condoms have a lubrication that kills any sperm that touches it. They are great for increasing safety during sex and allow you peace of mind once the act is done.

  • XL Condoms

It’s pretty logical, if you’ve got a big penis then small condoms will cut off circulation and usually leave your penis soft.

If this happens then you should update to an XL condom, you can buy them online at the condomdepot for a much better price and is a complete game changer if you’ve got a big penis and never used an XL condom.

You can also get condoms that are specialized for big penis heads, so if your size is normal, but the tip of your penis is big then you can get a specially shaped condom.

It’s key to know your penis size and get a condom that fits, because condoms can kill your erection.

  • Japanese Condoms

Japanese make the best condoms hands down.

The only downside is they can be a little tight, as their national average is lower than America.

Don’t let that put you off as Japanese condoms are the thinnest condoms in the world and somehow not only are they thin and feel unreal, they also have amazing strength and protection against STD’s and pregnancies.

If you want to try a great Japanese condom brand then get anything by BEYOND SEVEN.

  • Flavored Condoms

If you like blowjobs, but your partner doesn’t want to risk getting an STD then people use Flavored condoms, I personally draw the line here, because flavored condoms suck, they just don’t make sense, the tastes are wacky and I mean I’d rather just not have a blowjob, I feel that neither of the people involved in a flavored condom benefit.

  • Extra Thick Condoms

If you want to be as safe as possible you can get an extra thick condom, I personally think the spermicidal condoms are more safe and convenient, but people still love to use the extra thick condoms as a way to stop STD’s and Pregnancies.

  • Warming Condoms

Another fantastic way to add more pleasure to your sex life is to try warming condoms, they just add a little tingling sensation to your sex and it can be very pleasurable for both you and your partner.

They in mine and my partner’s option are far more enjoyable than the ripped/dotted condoms.

different condom types

Are There Any Other Types?

Yes, you may be shocked but there are other condom types like extra lube, glow in the dark, lambskin, vegan and sensitive all of which do different things.

I didn’t talk about them as I’ve not tried them and I didn’t want to speak form lack of experience, so if you have used one of the above let me know in the comments.

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Which Condoms Are My Favorite?

After trying multiple types of condoms I’d say that my favorite in order are:

  • Last Longer Condoms

These can completely change sex for someone who can’t last longer than a few minutes.

  • Extra Thin Japanese Condoms

These feel like you’re wearing nothing at all and are still really strong.

All the others were awesome, but these two types of condoms are serious game changes that I’d recommend anyone try.

where to get cheap condoms

Where To Get Cheap Condoms From?

If you want to try all the different condoms mentioned here you can go to Condom Depot, I’ve not sponsored it’s just where I bought my condoms for this test. You can get 100 condoms that are all different and a selection of the best in the world for around $24.99 which is an amazing price.

You can also check my article that will teach you whether cheap condoms are safe.