Are Extra Safe Condoms Really Safer?

By on November 2, 2017

Whether you’re trying to protect yourself from STD’s or pregnancies safety¬†always matters and I’m here today to walk you through the best options for being safe during sex, from the safest condoms to tips and tricks that’ll stop your condom failing you.

I have a fear of my condom failing and if you’re like me and have spent days after having sex worrying if you might have got her pregnant then this article is going to be exactly what you need to read.

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What Your Options Are For Extra Safe Condoms:

So let’s start with the two best options you have for condom safety.

  • Spermicidal Condoms

Spermicidal condoms have a spermicidal lubrication that kills any sperm that comes into contact with it.

This is an amazing way to stop pregnancies and you don’t have to sacrifice any pleasure, as the condoms are the same thickness as normal.

  • Extra Thick

Another option you have is extra thick condoms, these are perfect for preventing STD’s and are probably the safest option you have.

Now, most Extra thick condoms come with Spermicidal lube, which creates a truly safe condom. This is the ultimate mix for someone looking to be completely safe.

The only downside to extra thick condoms is you’ll lose sensitivity and won’t feel as much pleasure, that can suck, but it’s a small price to pay in the long run.

  • Getting A Condom That Fits

The most important thing you can do is get a condom that fits your penis size.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small, average or big penis you must wear a condom that fits.

This will lower the chances of your condom failing a massive amount.

If you’re embarrassed about getting small condoms then get them online, no one will tell the difference once you remove the box and if you’re just a little under average you can get Japanese condoms, they feel amazing, are really high quality and are a little smaller than the average American condom.

Why Does This Matter? 

If you go even a little soft during sex (which happens to all men) then you risk the condom slipping off your penis, this can cause issues for the girl and also stop you from being protected from STD’s and pregnancy.

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How To Make Your Condom Even Safer

Now you’ve got an idea of the kind of condom you want let me show you how to maximise the safety with it.

  • Spermicidal Lubrication

You can buy extra spermicidal lube online, this doesn’t stop STD’s but it does help you avoid unwanted pregnancy and is perfect to use as well as a condom, this is a must if your partner is female and not on birth control.

  • Put Your Condom On Correctly

Most people just unwrap a condom, place it on, if they get it the wrong way they take it off and do it the other way, the issue here is you may get pre-cum on the tip of the condom and that will be exposed during sex, instead take a second to make sure you place the condom on the right way and then pinch the tip while you roll it down, this will air lock it and stop it sliding off your penis during sex.

  • Remove After Ejaculation

Some of us enjoy a chill after we ejaculate, we just leave it in, till we want to pull it out, this is an issue because the penis shrinks quickly after ejaculation and if you leave it inside you may end up pulling out without the condom connected to your penis, this exposes your sperm to her vagina, avoid this by removing your penis after ejaculation.

  • Wash Hands And Penis

After you take the condom off go to the bathroom and wash your penis and hands with soup, make sure you clean any sperm off, because you never know, maybe a few hours you’ll be having sex again and if you didn’t wash all of your sperm is still on your penis (and hands) and this is where a lot of people mess up and end up having unprotected sex without knowing it.

  • Have Your Partner Go On Birth Control

The safest thing you can do if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancies is having your partner go on some form of birth control, you still need to use a condom because sometimes things get messed up, but a condom, plus birth control makes you far safer than just having a condom or just having birth control.

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Why Being Safe Matters

It’s always up to you to make sure you’re safe, in this world, there’s a lot of STD’s around and the only way you can prevent them is if you take full responsibility and do your best to avoid them by using condoms.

You should never take someone’s word for it, when it comes to STD’s, would you answer truthfully if you were asked by a girl who was just about to have sex with you if you had STD’s?

The truth is most people wouldn’t so keep it wrapped, if you’re both sexually active then be sure to get an STD test and show each other results, at that point you know you’re safe, but still understand that condoms are always going to be key to your safety, especially when having sex with strangers.


You may be okay with the idea of getting the girl you’ve just met pregnant, but in reality even when you have a kid with someone you truly love and have been with for years it’s hard, so imagine how hard it is when you’ve done it with someone you barely know, you know have a constant connection to them for life and the weight this can put on you isn’t worth the seconds of goodness.

So, wrap it before you tap it and if it’s going to happen, make sure it’s both of your discussion and not down to the luck of the draw.

Also if you think your life is hard now, just imagine what it would be like getting hours of sleep a night, spending on your money on baby stuff and having to be in the same place for the next 16 years while your kid goes through school.