Are Condoms Flushable

Are Condoms Flushable?

By on October 15, 2017

Hey, it’s P.

Seeing this question gave me flashbacks to my teen years.

When I first started getting some action me and my then GF would bone all day whilst my parents were out and being the responsible teens we were, we made sure to always use a condom. What we didn’t know was that they aren’t flushable and you should never dispose of them down the toilet.

blocked toilet

Our toilet got clogged and I got in a lot of trouble and my GF wouldn’t come round to mine again.

Her dad once found my condom floating in the toilet bowl, I had flushed but their flush wasn’t as strong as mine and it sat floating, waiting for her dad to find it. My heart sank when I realized what had happened.

worried about condoms

It’s definitely not safe for the environment or for your poor toilet for you to be flushing condoms down there and unless you want to see your dad with a plunger and your used condoms surrounding him or your GF’s dad seething with anger,  you really shouldn’t do it.

Condoms get flushed into the sea along with other crap and are ruining the marine life, so if the idea of your GF’s dad finding your used condom isn’t enough not to flush it, this should be.

how to dispose a condom

Because I know how awkward it is, I wanted to let you know of some other ways you can dispose of a condom without any embarrassment or clogged toilets:

  • Get small sandwich bags and dispose of your condom inside and then put them in the trash, nobody is going to look inside a sandwich bag.
  • Tie up the end of the condom so that no semen can come out and wrap it in kitchen or toilet roll and put it in the trash.
  • If you have your own bathroom, get a little trash can by the toilet and dispose of your condoms in there. Make sure you empty it really regularly or it will start to smell.
  • If you’re going to the house of your GF or BF bring a small bag with you to dispose of the condom in. Nothing is worse than her dad finding your used condom, nothing.
  • You can find a few more ways to get rid of your condom in this vice article.

can you flush a condom

As much as it may seem easier to flush the condom, it really isn’t worth it in the long run. It may go down with ease the first time but over time it will clog and you will have to explain yourself. You may be thinking, it wouldn’t matter because it isn’t your house and it’s just once but trust me if their flush isn’t strong (you may have to fish it out) and if you clog it, it will be even worse for you. Just bag it and dump it elsewhere.