are cheap condoms safe

Are Cheap Condoms Safe?

By on October 19, 2017

I remember when I became sexually active and I was shocked by how expensive condoms were, I mean unless you wanted to face the awkwardness of finding somewhere to get them free, you had to spend up to $20 for 12, I mean that’s crazy talk.

Plus, I wasn’t an expert and usually ended up wasting two trying to get the first condom on, the money I was losing was crazy and at 17 without a job, $20 per week on condoms is crazy talk.

I decided to see if there were any cheaper options, maybe something that wasn’t Durex or magnum and I found loads of options, deals that were 10x cheaper than what I’d been paying.

The issue was that I felt that I’d be sacrificing safety for the price and I wasn’t about to do that, plus I felt like any brand that isn’t Durex/magnum women don’t trust.

are cheap condoms safe

What I Did After I Found Cheap Condoms

I did loads of research and I found that condoms have to be tested at a high level to be able to be sold in American and Europe, so basically regardless of the price if it’s brought from a safe store then it’s going to be the same as the big brands.

I then went and searched reviews, saw if there were any issues and before I knew it I’d ordered myself 100 skin condoms.

When compared they where the exactly the same as the condoms I’d been spending 20 bucks on and what made it worse is I got 100 condoms for $30, that’s an unbelievable saving.

Now, after using these bulk condoms for many years I can honestly vouch and say they are as safe, fun and literally have no difference to the big name condoms.

finding cheap condoms

Where To Find Bulk Condoms

Now, I stopped using Skin condoms and I found an awesome seller on Amazon who sells 100 variety packs of condoms that include Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, One, Atlas, Beyond Seven, Crown, Trustex, Impulse, Fantasy and Caution Wear at just $18 (go here to see the seller).

They come as advertised, all condoms have over 2 years left in date and the variety is sweet, this has saved me around 10x the cash and I’ve ordered from the same seller twice now and had the same experience both times.

discounted condoms

Tips For Getting Cheap Condoms

There are a few things I recommend you do to get better deals on condoms

  • Never buy in convenient stores.

Most the time you’ll spend double the price when buying in convenience stores, it’s just not worth it.

Plus as someone who’s brought many condoms from convenient stores, it’s never a pleasant experience queuing up to buy condoms while an elderly lady is buying her fruit and veg.

  • Use the internet to find deals.

You do have to be careful on the internet, but if you stick to popular sexual stores and brands you’ll be fine.

Plus, if you go to big brands websites you’ll usually see they have deals on that you can’t get in normal stores.

For example, you can get 24 Durex condoms for $9 right now on as in the store I just went to 12 is $16.95.

  • Try going to condom depot

One of the best condom shops I found on my journey to cheaper condoms is condom depo, they not only have the best feeling condoms known to man, they allow you to buy all there condoms in packs up to 505.

That’s right, at this moment you can get 505 Crown Skinless condoms (the highest reviewed condom in the world) for just $65.99, that’s basically 5 years worth of condoms if you have sex every other day.

They also offer a 100 condom sampler for $25 and you can get almost any of their condoms in bulk for a quarter of the in-store price (in my experience even cheaper than that).

avoid discount condoms

When Buying Cheap Condoms Always Look For…

If you’re going to buy cheaper condoms like I have then you need to be sure to look for:

  • Popular brands that have a lot of reviews.

I try to buy condom brands  I already know and just try to find a bulk deal on them on Amazon.

  • Make sure they are all in date.

I’ve not experienced any issue with this but it’s always better to be safe and check the date on the condoms you order as soon as you get them.

  • Use websites that are famous

I used to use LoveHoney as they’ve got a great rep and have some amazing deals, I would have to continue using them, but they stopped selling bulk condoms in America.

Don’t buy from random shops on the street/internet, if the seller doesn’t have loads of real reviews and isn’t isn’t sold by a good company like Love Honey then do not buy.

best condom ever made

I’m going to keep this article updated and continue my journey for the best priced all round condom. Right now it has to be the Crown skinless condom, but I’m new to this journey so it’s sure to change.

If you have any other ways to get a good deal on condoms then please let me know in the comments.