About Me

Yo! I’m an anonymous sex blogger. The reason I’m keeping my real name hidden is because I work for a very professional company and my life would crumble if this website got out so for now, I want you to know me as ‘P’.


This website is somewhere where I can let out all of my condom knowledge after years of trying out each brand and putting each and every one to the test.

Condoms are really important, they protect you against nasty STI’s, things like AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia and so much more. They’re also pretty nifty if you want to protect against unwanted pregnancies, they also increase your chances of getting laid, if you have a condom to hand versus if you don’t have a condom to hand when you’re about to get down and dirty your chances are dramatically increased.

There are hundreds of different types of condoms, some thin, some ribbed, some vegan, some cheap, some expensive and the list goes on. Condoms don’t have to be boring, you can experiment, test and try out any that catch your attention.

You might be wondering why am I so interested in condoms?


The short answer is that I love sex and have a fear of getting an STD/STI. I want to encourage men and educate the population on wearing condoms and how they don’t have to cost a small fortune and nor do they have to be just plain and boring, there are so many types out there that we should be exploring and educating ourselves on.

Sex and condoms go hand in hand for me, if you’re not having sex with someone you love and trust and if you don’t want a baby, you should be using them. It makes sex so much more enjoyable, stress-free and you don’t have to worry about getting called in 3 weeks time.

If you do recognize me or you even find out who I am, please do not share it. As I said above I have a really professional job and whilst my colleagues know I like to go out and have a good time, they don’t know to what extent. If they found out about how many condoms I actually own and how much I love using them, I don’t think they would ever let me live it down.


If you have any condom-related questions, don’t hesitate in getting in touch and leaving a comment below any of the articles and I will try and help you out in any way that I can.